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Smart Designer X4.5

Software: Smart Designer X4.5

Smart Designer Video Overview

Produce graphics quickly and easily

Without formal graphics training, most new CorelDRAW users struggle to develop a basic proficiency in the program. Instead of having to learn complex production techniques, Smart Designer X4.5 does most of the work for you. Whether you are an advanced user or new to CorelDRAW, Smart Designer can dramatically reduce both your production and design time.


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Why Smart Designer X4.5

Why is Smart Designer X4.5 such a big deal?

Smart Designer X4.5: template editor

Smart Designer X4.5 is a very big deal. It takes advantage of the new docker technology in CorelDRAW X4 and X5 in order to integrate seamlessly with CorelDRAW. It is no longer a separate program but instead a set of tools that are added directly to CorelDRAW. This means that the software requires fewer system resources, increased stability and faster performance. Smart Designer X4.5 is a major technology advancement that capitalizes on the new capabilities of CorelDRAW X5. This new technology has enabled us to create new features and capabilities that were never possible in earlier versions. As a result of this new technology, many features in Smart Designer X4.5 have been re-engineered for increased performance or additional capabilities. Also numerous features have been added an existing features have been greatly improved.


A feature set few programs can boast of

Below are just a handful of features that Smart Designer X4.5 adds to your design, production, and marketing department. Full Feature Set

Templates and Layouts

Edit SDX5 Templates:
Creates designs automatically by combining text, clip art and stock layouts.

Edit Created Template:
Turn any design into a Smart Template and easily edit or change text values or clip art.

Clip Art and Graphics

Clip Art Browser:
Completely redesigned to improved performance and capabilities for importing images from DAS art volumes or other images.

Clip Art Docker:
Instantly import a clip art image or place a design on a product template with a click of the mouse.

Clip Art Databases:
Easily search for clipart images by file name or keywords from any installed database.

Virtual Samples

Virtual Samples:
Place a selected design on a photographic or vector product template or sales sheet layout. New photographic product templates have the ability to change colors.

Tails and Layouts

Design Layouts:
Automatically create custom layouts. Includes a new library of design elements.

Athletic Tails:
Includes 30 new tail layouts.

Split Front Feature:
Divide designs into separate panels with overlapping seams for split front jersey applications

Printing and Cutting

Separation Marks:
Insert separation marks for printing or cutting

Flash Base:
Prints solid or halftone underbase for screen printing on dark garments


Create Contour:
Automatically create a cuttable contour around a vector graphic for print and cut applications

Color Management:

Swap Colors:
Sophisticated tool for swapping or grouping colors.


Text Effects:
Automatically create text effects including inlines, outlines, drop shadows, circle text, and more.

Edge Effects:
Instantly apply bitmap effects to vector objects to create frames or borders

Instantly apply a variety of weathered looking overlays to any graphic to create a worn appearance

Full Feature SetNew Features


Smart Designer X4.5 - Ownership Has Its Privileges

Smart Designer is an add-on design software that integrates seamlessly with CorelDRAW. Smart Designer includes over 110 features designed to automate and simplify the design and production of graphics. Smart Designer turns CorelDRAW into a powerful and user friendly graphics system specifically for the apparel decoration, sign, awards and promotional products industries.

Access and edit templates and clip art with ease

The industry's best artwork is at your finger tips. Easily locate clipart from a keyword database or browse through interactive design templates from Digital Art Solutions art volumes.

Add visual value to your graphics

Smart Designer includes over 1,000 visual effects including weathered effects, outline effects, arches, circle text, athletic tails, bitmap effects plus integration with popular PhotoShop plug-ins

Simplify the design process

Access thousands of interactive design templates from Digital Art Solutions templates volumes. Creating completely customize production-ready graphics in seconds, not hours

Produce the widest range of graphics for any production process

Includes design and productions tools for screen printing, direct to garment printing, sublimation, digital printing vinyl cutting, heat transfers, laser engraving, appliqué and more.

Reduce art production time

If your machines are running, you aren't make money. By reducing and eliminating the complex steps required for producing graphics, Smart Designer can reduce your art production time by up to 90%.

Increase sales with virtual sample technology

Generate sales sheets and proposal dynamically using the industry's premier virtual sample technology. Graphics can be mocked up on product templates and sales sheets can be produced in seconds.

Tap into the industry's best training program

Your success is assured with hours of interactive training videos, a step-by-step training guide, free weekly webinars and access to our exclusive Smart Designer's owners website.

Eliminate frustration with personalized technical support

The Digital Art Solutions dedicated technical support staff is there to help you stay out of trouble. Our in-house staff of experts uses state of the art technology to diagnose and fix support issues.


"Smart Designs was the best investment we have made yet as far as software touse for designing artwork. My wife and I have both worked with computer graphic programs for years, and the Smart Templates which come with the Smart Designs package are simple to use for almost any job (Including the Pad Printer for custom graphics). You simply browse through the templates for something similar to what your customer needs, then alter it to fit their purposes with just a few mouse clicks. It is also great for printing out several QUICK ideas in color to show your customers. And, as such, makes it a great sales tool as well. Nothing impresses customers better than seeing a proof before they buy. Trust me, it's worth the money! Hope this helps."

Michael Hobgood
Ad Printers (Press-a-Print Owner)

"Being in marketing and advertising for nearly twenty years, I've done everything from working with designers on concepts to spending hours RECREATING concepts I was seeking in the first place. Artwork can be completely consuming if you don't use the reliable resources at your fingertips. I stumbled across Digital Art Solutions at an ASI show years ago and was awestruck by the simplicity of Smart Designer and the ease of having amazing custom artwork, ready to go with just a few mouse clicks. I now own multiple DAS art volumes and can't imagine how anyone in this industry works without it. You should NEVER be at the mercy of a designer!I ALWAYS go to my clients with artwork in hand and ready to place orders. Sure, they can use the guy with the best bid but good artwork ALWAYS wins over an order form and no idea of what you are buying. I've gone from providing wearables as a compliment to my other work to being a mainstream embroidery and screen printing business. If you are in business to make real money then I would encourage you to take a good hard look at Smart Designer. Not only will you be provided cutting edge artwork but I assure you that the customer support is unbelievable! I still take complete advantage of the entire team. Being a DAS "member" has its advantages. "

Katie Dambro, Proprietor
Exclamation Advertising

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System Requirements

Windows System:

  • Operating System:
    Windows XP Home Edition 32-bit with Service Pack 3
    Windows XP Professional 32-bit with Service Pack 3
    Windows Vista, all versions including 32 and 64-bit versions, with Service Pack 2
    Windows 7, all versions including 32 and 64-bit versions
  • Processor:
    1.8 Ghz Pentium or AMD processor
  • Memory:
    2 Gigabytes. 4 Gigabytes is recommended for Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • Free Hard Drive Space:
    1 Gb Total, 500 Mb for Smart Designer X4.5
  • Graphics Card / Monitor
    Must be capable of displaying 1024 x768 resolution.
  • Other Hardware:

Macintosh System:

  • Smart Designer will not run on a Macintosh.