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Webcast University

The course repeats every 8 weeks and is setup on a reoccurring schedule. You only need to sign up once and you will be notified weekly of the upcoming class. Classes are recorded and you will be sent a link to view the recording provided your register.

Smart Designer University

Smart Designer University is an 8 week course on CorelDRAW and Smart Designer Pro focusing on core skill sets for art production. The course is designed for owners of the Smart Designer add-on software for CorelDRAW, but anyone is welcome to attend.

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Multi-decoration University

Multidecoration University is an 8 week course on multidecoration focusing on decorating techniques using a vinyl cutter and a heat press. The course is designed for owners of the DAS Multidecoration System, but anyone is welcome to attend.

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Craig Mertens

In addition to helping his father pioneer the concept of production ready clipart, Craig co-founded Digital Art Solutions with his sister Nicole in 1999. He is the creator of the Smart Designs Art System and the Stone Stencil System. Craig is a Corel DRAW certified trainer who has been teaching art production for over 10 years.

Katie Owen

Katie started Image Embroidery in Burnsville, MN in 1994, a successful business producing decorated apparel and appliqué. She is an authority on sewing and appliqué techniques and teaches workshops and seminars at national events. Her hands on style and simple approach makes Katie a refreshing instructor that you won't want to miss.

"This is awesome! I just watched Paragraphs and Artistic Text. You guys provide everything but the Coke and the popcorn. DAS is the Best!

Kathy will keep the books and the kids will pull squeegees but I will invest my time in sales/marketing and graphics. DAS is my guiding light!

Eventually our 19 year old daughter will assume the graphics responsibilities because I am not "hip, cool or down with" today’s styles. But my guess is that DAS graphics books can provide a lot of the "hip" that I don't have. Or maybe you can give me a "hip replacement" at a much lower cost than a surgeon!"

"Thank you for another great webcast. You give so much good info. I really like having to view again. I started my business later in life and was now born with a computer at my finger tips. So this is like teaching old dog new tricks. So keep the webcast coming I am really learning lots. I appreciate this so much. I have the smart vector pro so its nice to see this in action since I am moving slow... Thank you so much.

I buy all my software from Digital Arts and the webcast is just a big bonus.Have a great day."

Sue Howell,

"Thanks so much for sending me this link to the webcast. I started it last night but finished it this morning when I could not get back to sleep. It was great and very informative. I am an embroiderer and not a printer but I want to learn all that I can about creating the art work so that I can talk intelligently with my customers. Plus, I need to know how to send acceptable art work to my printers. I really appreciate having these training sessions available to go over again and again. I've just gotten the Corel DRAW upgrade from you and with so much there to learn, these sessions are very informative and inspirational."

Sandra Gardner
Custom Embroidery

Webcast Schedule


Spring Bling Promotion
Recorded On: April 2, 2014

Already involved in rhinestone apparel or thinking about getting involved? Attend this webcast and see what sets DAS apart. We invented the process of creating heat transfers with a vinyl cutter in 2008.

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Smart Designer University Schedule

April 3

Class 1: New User Orientation

Installation, configuring templates and clipart, workspace overview/customization, workflow overview

Watch Recorded Webcast
April 10

Class 2: Working with Templates and Text Effects

Overview of template features, working with text effects, creating virtual samples, creating templates

Watch Recorded Webcast
April 17

Class 3: CorelDRAW Essential Skill Set

Workspace overview, understanding vector graphics, working with tools, editing vector graphics

Watch Recorded Webcast
April 24

Class 4: Essential Skills for Vinyl Cutting and Heat Transfers

Preparing graphics for heat transfers, overview of athletic tails, cuttable text effects, welding/trimming

May 1

Class 5: Managing and Editing Clipart and Graphics

Clipart Browser overview, keyword search, overview of vector clipart, editing vector clipart, preparing

May 8

Class 6: Essential Skills for Digital Printing

Understanding color models, color correction strategies, digital effects, Power Clipping

May 15

Class 7: Essential Skills for Screen Printing

Working with spot colors, creating color separations, flash bases, trapping, creating halftones, outputting color separations

May 22

Class 8: CorelDRAW and Smart Designer Pro Tips and Tricks

Useful tips and tricks utilizing CorelDRAW and Smart Designer Pro

Multi-decoration University Schedule

April 1

Class 1: New User Orientation

Getting to know your cutter, cutting rhinestone stencils, StoneCut Pro basics

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April 8

Class 2: Working with Rhinestone Fonts

Sizing rhinestone fonts, editing rhinestone fonts, Zebra fonts, outputting rhinestone fonts

Watch Recorded Webcast
April 15

Class 3: Converting Artwork to Custom Rhinestone Patterns

Converting bitmaps to vector artwork, converting vector artwork to outline patterns, working with rhinestone fills

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April 22

Class 4: Working with Stock Rhinestone Patterns

Sizing rhinestone patterns, editing rhinestone patterns, adding text, outputting multicolor patterns.

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April 29

Class 5: Creating Multidecoration Apparel with Smart Designer Pro

Converting bitmaps to vector artwork, converting vector artwork to outline patterns, working with rhinestone fills

May 6

Class 6: Creating Heat Transfers with a Vinyl Cutter

Preparing graphics for heat transfers, working with multiple colors, outputting transfers

May 13

Class 7: Converting Photos to Rhinestone Patterns and Simulated Sequins

Converting photos to rhinestone patterns, converting photos to sequin patterns, outputting sequin film

May 20

Class 8: Preparation and Creation of Rhinestone Decals

Creating decal patterns, outputting Rhinestone Decal Material, creating rhinestone decals