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Bottom Line Up Front: In the midst of fast-changing norms & new consumer needs, innovation is your secret weapon. Graphics Builder is the most comprehensive, user-friendly, audience-impressing digital graphics tool on the market — and it has the power to transform everything. Black Friday deals inside.

The pandemic did more than just force us to confront the danger of new viruses. It transformed our entire way of life. From how we market to how we sell, how we produce to how we deliver — every aspect of our industry’s operations were spun on their head. 

And now, it’s safe to say that today’s business climate is different than it’s ever been. 

There’s no more foot traffic or in-person meetings. There’s no more industry conferences or live event opportunities. For better or worse, the whole infrastructure of our marketing, our networking, and our selling now exists in the virtual space. Which means that every business in the decorated apparel world better get comfortable with going digital. 

What we know for sure is that, in the past eight months, the decorators and print shops that’ve been hesitant to embrace change are the decorators and print shops that haven’t fared well. 

But the teams that looked down the barrel of change and welcomed the challenge? The teams that didn’t let their fear of the unknown stop them from thinking creatively? Those are the teams that we’ve seen flourish in 2020.

And those are the teams that we should all do our very best to emulate.

The thing is, the digital transformation isn’t just limited to the marketing and selling portion of your operations. While historically it has been, we’ve been hard at work trying to find a solution — a digital art solution — to help decorators and shops tackle the design cycle with the added advantage of technological innovation behind them.

Imagine not having to outsource your design needs to an expensive freelancer, or worry about flooding your in-house designer with too many projects. Imagine offering your prospects a clear, vivid, and compelling design from the jump — virtually — without having to spend hours (or even minutes) getting it together.

It’s possible. And not only is it possible, but it’s waiting. 

The Three Types of Decorators

Look — we get it. Uncertainty, forced change, and the uncharted world of tech can be pretty scary. But giving into that fear, pretending that the reality at hand isn’t unfolding the way it is, is a lot scarier. 

Because by luring you into a false sense of stability — by making you think that if you just wait it out, things will get back to the way they were — the fear is actually setting you up for some dire consequences. And not just in the short term, but in the long term too.

We’ve studied the market — and our industry — and determined that there are three different types of decorators in 2020.

  1. The Hibernators: the businesses that were shocked into stillness, these decorators saw the change happening in front of them and decided to wait it out. To put their operations on hold, to tell their teams to stand back, and to expect that their customers — new and old — would just be waiting for their return.

The news flash that hit them? That while they took the time to sit back, their customers were busy getting targeted by the competition. The competition that knew how to use the digital landscape to their advantage — and actually made moves to do it.

  1. The Stagnators: the businesses that chose to ignore, ignore, ignore, these decorators saw the changes happening around them — and figured they’d just keep on keeping on, relying on the same pre-pandemic operations to guide them. Maybe they thought the digital landscape was just a phase, or maybe they thought their customers loved them so much that they’d stick around regardless.

Whatever it was, by now, the truth is catching up to them. The truth that the pivot into digital isn’t just a phase, and the truth that, while some customers might be head over heels for them, they’re going to need more than that relative handful to sustain their business. In other words: while the lucky ones might still be surviving, they’re certainly struggling to keep up.

  1. The Innovators: finally, we land at the businesses that experienced the same fear, the same stress, and the same uncertainty — and did the dang thing anyway. These are the decorators that didn’t want to wait it out and risk becoming irrelevant; they’re the decorators that didn’t want to ignore the problem and watch their ship slowly sink. They wanted to take action. So they did.

What did the innovators do that set them apart so well? What elements of their business did they transform in order to adapt to the changing times? We’re glad you asked. Based on our previously-mentioned industry studying, we’ve determined three key points to be true for innovators across the board.

Mask Builder Collection Sample
  1. PPE & Masks Galore. Leveraging the demand for personal protective equipment and face masks, they took stock of their capabilities and added those products to their menu of offerings. They acted quickly, responded to the needs of their audience, and got creative with different ways to customize.
  2. E-Commerce. Walking into brick and mortar shops was no longer a possibility, so they needed a way to sell to their audience that was safe, reliable, and effective. E-commerce gave them their solution. Not only was it an easy way for them to sell ‘as usual,’ but it also allowed them to engage in community fundraising. By setting up Online Fundraising Stores for schools, teams, and local businesses, they were able to create instant revenue streams for people and organizations that were suffering — boosting their community impact and their brand’s identity.
  3. Smart Technology. Beyond the world of e-commerce, they sought out and integrated new digital tools to help increase their productivity, their audience engagement, and their bottom line. By leaning into digital marketing through social media and email campaigns, as well as optimizing their web presence and investing in online collaboration tools (like virtual meeting software), these decorators were able to operate more efficiently, and more effectively, than before. Plus, they were meeting their audience where they were — hitting their needs while standing out from the competition.

Now that we’ve painted the picture, it’s pretty clear that the innovators are the businesses — the only businesses — that did more than just stay afloat this year. They responded to new consumer needs and buying habits, and they did everything they could to make sure their team was equipped to handle the new reality. 

Obviously, we applaud the innovators. And we know that odds are, if you’re reading this, you’re already in the right category. But the thing is, as time goes on, more and more businesses are going to join you there. They’re going to tackle the three key points, and they’re going to crowd the category. And the market.

So you have to do everything in your power to distinguish yourself. 

You might already have the PPE and face masks, you might already have the e-commerce system, and you might already have the tools to keep your team coordinated and your audience engaged. But do you have that one thing that’s truly special? 

That one thing that’ll catch your prospects’ attention right off the bat — that’ll separate you from your competition, and that’ll keep your customers coming back?  

It’s something big. It’s something captivating. So, what is it? 

Enter: Graphics Builder.

The Graphics Builder Breakdown

Graphics Builder Collections 7 & 8 Sample

Created specifically to help apparel decorators and print shops add that extra, unmistakable oomph into their design cycle, the Graphics Builder is a digital tool that has the power to transform everything. 

The quality of the designs. The ease of the execution. The speed at which your prospects say, “YES!” 

With the digital collections of Graphics Builder, your team will have the same custom graphics capabilities that your favorite top retail brands have. And they’ll have them faster, with less cost and more confidence. 

Match real-time trends, choose from an abundance of fonts, styles, and vector illustrations, and have a seamless way to populate your web stores, social media pages, and email campaigns with examples that help you stand out. 

At Digital Art Solutions, we know that first impressions matter. A lot. That’s why, when it comes to engrossing your consumers, you need to wow them from the very first interaction. You need to show them that you have the skillset, that you have the capabilities, to deliver them the killer end-products they’re looking for. 

With Graphics Builder, you can do that. In a matter of seconds. 

You’re able to integrate retail-oriented, browsable graphics catalogs directly into your websites and social media pages, giving your audience an interactive way to immerse themselves in your offerings. No more Pinterest pages, random Google images, or screen captures — now, with Graphics Builder, your own embedded catalog will be their creative inspiration.

Not only does this expedite the courting process — you’ll be able to guarantee what they want is exactly what they’ll get — but it also speeds up the production process from your end. You’ll know exactly what’s needed and be able to execute it quickly, since all elements are already ready and waiting in the Graphics Builder, and your entire team will be on the same page, working from the same toolbox. 

The efficiency. The coordination. The excitement when you give your customers the exact thing they wanted, faster than they’ve ever gotten a finished order returned before.

The days of manual organization, of outsourcing to expensive contractors, and of losing pitches to the decorator with better graphics are behind you. All you need to do is say yes to Graphics Builder. All you need to do is say yes to innovation.

Black Friday Like Never Before

This Black Friday (and Cyber Monday), we’re giving all industry businesses a way to up-level their operations for a fraction of the price. Why? Because we know 2020’s been a doozy — and because we know that the best defense against unprecedented times is innovation.

It’s standing out. It’s choosing to feel the fear and embrace newness anyway.

These never-before-seen sales — we’re talking 50% and more savings — will be featured at the end of our Black Friday Special Webinar, ‘Maximizing Holiday Themed Sales’ on Friday, November 27th.  From how to target your marketing campaigns to how to integrate fundraising and social media to blow your sales out of the water, this Webinar will arm you with the insight you need to tackle the 2020 Holiday Season head-on. 

And yeah, it’ll give you the lowdown on how to utilize graphics as your secret weapon, too. 

Register here — and attend the Webinar to get access to those crazy savings.

But — wait a second — that’s not the only intensive we’re offering. On Monday, November 30th, we’re giving you a Cyber Monday Special Webinar, called ‘Boost Your Business With Customized Graphics.’ 

From how to impress new prospects from the very first look to how to complete every order’s life cycle with an eye on productivity — and quality — this Webinar was designed to have you mastering innovation quickly. All it takes is one Webinar, and you’ll be ready to squeeze every perk of Graphics Builder out — and into your business’s profitability. 

It’s the design tool of your dreams, but it’s also the sales and marketing tool your team deserves. Register for the Cyber Monday Special Webinar here

The Wrap Up

We know you’re busy trying to keep up with the changing times — trying to keep your team’s morale high, your productivity consistent, and your sales steady. That’s why we’re such massive believers of the innovations that can help you do all of that better.

Graphics Builder is one of them.

It’ll revolutionize how you produce, how you sell, and how you surpass expectations. We couldn’t be prouder of our product, and we know that as soon as you take it under your wing, you’ll see just what we’re talking about.

Join us for the Webinars. Embrace innovation.

Or, if you can’t wait for Black Friday, head to our site and check out our deals on Graphic Builder now. It has the details and the visuals — so you can start imagining your new, innovative routine clearly.

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