Digital Art Solutions is now GraphicsFlow!


I’m excited to share a special announcement and exciting news! Digital Art Solutions is now GraphicsFlow!

When InkSoft acquired Digital Art Solutions, together, we quickly realized a massive opportunity to combine our strengths to deliver a much-needed technology to our customers and industry. Well, we invented this technology, and it’s called GraphicsFlow

This represents a significant evolution, new direction, and focus: Leading the way for the future of art and graphics in our industry.

What is GraphicsFlow? 

GraphicsFlow is the creation of a synergy between two entities: Digital Art Solutions and InkSoft.

Digital Art Solutions has long been regarded as the industry’s leader in vector-based, production-ready graphics and design workflow solutions. 

Our parent company InkSoft, a web-based software company, is the industry’s leading e-commerce sales platform built for print, promo, and apparel decorations. 

When you combine graphics with web-based software, you get the birth of something extraordinary: GraphicsFlow. 

GraphicsFlow is the industry’s first and only web-based graphics productivity tool built for the print industry. With GraphicsFlow, you get four main tools and workspaces to help save time, boost productivity, and most important: Help enable and accelerate sales using graphics and presentations.

What does this mean for me?

In the short term: Nothing. Digital Art Solutions’ products and customers will continue to be supported. Gradually, we’ll be updating and adopting the GraphicsFlow branding, and we’ll be focusing on introducing new features to provide even more value to the GraphicsFlow app. If you are a current Graphics+ member, please read this message for your special offer.

We can’t begin to express how excited we are about GraphicsFlow. It’s not often that a company gets to innovate and transform an industry. We have an exciting product roadmap and will be making significant investments in GraphicsFlow. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your years of support. Without amazing customers like you, GraphicsFlow wouldn’t be possible.

Learn more about GraphicsFlow

I want to invite you to learn more about GraphicsFlow and how this new technology will positively impact your productivity and sales potential. Here are three ways you can learn more about this exciting new technology and solution: 


Craig Mertens, General Manager, GraphicsFlow (formerly Digital Art Solutions).

  • Latonia Almeyda
    5:51 PM, 19 April 2021

    Hi Craig,

    Thank you for speaking with me today on back to basics and learning more about GraphicsFlow and membership. I would like to schedule my web meeting if you have availability on a Tuesday or Thursday.

    Latonia Almeyda

    9:24 PM, 9 July 2021

    was on line with Conde Virtual Open House. would appreciate details on the offer for the download

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