DRAWings Pro Embroidery Software

Meet the world’s most advanced embroidery software. Convert vector graphics into high-quality embroidery files quick and easy.

DRAWings PRO Features

DRAWings X Pro is a powerful and affordable software for the everyday production of embroidery, monogramming, and applique. The software uses state of the art vector to stitch conversion technology to convert vector graphics into production-ready stitch files automatically.

Drawings X allows anyone with minimal embroidery experience to produce professional sew files with a fraction of the learning curve of complicated and expensive traditional digitizing programs.

  1. Import Vector Graphic

    Import your vector graphic you wish to convert to an embroidery file. 

  2. Convert to Stitches

    DRAWings will automatically generate a stitch file with an accurate 3-D preview.

  3. Modify

    Want to make modifications? DRAWings provide simple editing tools.

DRAWings Embroidery Software

How DRAWings PRO will save you time, and money

Fast turn times

No waiting on a digitizer to process and return your files. 

No outsourcing

Stop wasting money on costly digitizing fees.

Small runs

Say yes to small runs by eliminating digitizing fees and time delays.


Use sew outs and samples to sell and win new business. 

Quick edits

Make edits to modify embroidery files for new fabrics and sizes. 

Virtual samples

Generate gorgeous and realistic embroidery previews for proofs.

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