Exciting news! We are launching an all-new online course call Graphics Academy.

Classes start on Monday, March 23rd and the full course will extend over three weeks. Graphics Academy is a complete course, so classes follow a progression and cover a wide variety of topics related to graphics, sales, and marketing. The overall goals are to help you grow your business by using graphics as your secret sales tool.

While Graphics Academy will be recorded, we encourage you to attend the live classes to participate and interact with the Q&A portion.

If you registered for our ‘Multi-Decoration University,’ you will automatically be enrolled for the all-new Graphics Academy!

Graphics Academy Overview

DAS Graphics Academy is our new online education program for the apparel decoration and personalization industry. Weekly classes are open to anyone, free of charge. Classes will focus on solutions for three industry challenges.

Productivity and Efficiency

Classes will outline skills, strategies and best practices to maintain an efficient and productive graphics capability.

Sales Enablement

We will outline strategies for streamlining the process of getting graphics in front of clients and facilitating the sales process. 


We will identify strategies for differentiating your company from the competition and gaining a competitive advantage through graphics.

Course Schedule

Week 1:

Understanding Graphics for Apparel Decoration and Personalization

This class will outline the essential skill set for managing graphics. We will identify the necessary tools and explore the process of designing and producing graphics for all decoration processes. 

Monday, March 23, 3 PM EST

Working with Customer Supplied Artwork

One of the biggest challenges decorators face is customer-supplied artwork. This class will identify productive strategies for evaluating and preparing artwork for production.

Tuesday, March 24, 3 PM EST

I opened my Graphics Program now, what should I do?

Editing and manipulating graphics can be a complex and frustrating experience. This class will identify a core skill set for working with vector graphics. You don’t need to be a designer, but you do need to be a good editor.

Wednesday, March 25, 3 PM EST

The Power of Virtual Samples

Getting ideas in front of clients is an essential capability for any decorator. This class will present a strategy for producing impactful graphics that connect with your clients and getting them in front of your target audience. 

Thursday, March 26, 3 PM EST

Leveraging Social Media to Expand Your Reach

An effective social media strategy is essential to growing a decorating business. This class will identify simple and effective strategies for reaching your clients through social media.

Friday, March 27, 3 PM EST

Week 2:

Growing your Business with Design Templates

Learning how to leverage stock template libraries to create dynamic graphics that connect with your clients and grow your sales.

Monday, March 30, 3 PM EST

Crushing the Competition with Online Stores

Learn the secret success strategy for dominating your competition using online stores. Learn how to grow your business by meeting the buying preferences of today’s consumer. 

Tuesday, March 31, 3 PM EST

Choosing and Master a Graphics Program

Examine the pros and cons of popular graphics programs. This class will focus on CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and popular consumer-level graphics programs. Compare traditional design and production methods with automated technology from Digital Art Solutions.

Wednesday, April 1, 3 PM EST

Producing Production Ready Embroidery Files without Digitizing

Compare traditional digitizing techniques in CAD-based embroidery software with state of the art vector to stitch conversion technology. Learn how to create production-ready embroidery, applique and embroidery files without digitizing.

Thursday, April 2, 3 PM EST

Introducing Smart Designer Pro for CorelDRAW 2020

Join us as we unveil the latest generation of our industry-leading CorelDRAW add-on software technology. Learn how to streamline workflow in CorelDRAW or Adobe Illustrator by integrating with Smart Designer.

Friday, April 3, 3 PM EST

Course Handouts

Access Graphics Academy course handouts here.


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