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An all-new issue of Graphics+ is now available! See the design catalog below to view all the new vector t-shirt designs, vector clip art illustrations, embroidery graphics, and rhinestone designs.

Issue #7 features design themes, styles and categories including:

  • Crests (design style)
  • Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Wedding
  • Outdoor

Take a Sneak Peek Look at Issue 8

There has been an amazing movement happening in our industry. Print shops and apparel decorators and launching online t-shirt fundraising stores to raise money for local independent businesses. Shirts are being sold for $20 with the independent business receiving $10, and the decorator receiving the other $10. So, for each shirt sold, two businesses benefit!

This fundraising campaign is being referred to as the ‘Here for Good’ movement. You can watch the free online class, and access the marketing kit at our parent company InkSoft’s website here.

We are doing our part to help our Graphics+ members make the most of this selling and fundraising opportunity. Graphics+ issue 8 will provide graphic themes and ideas targeted at these fundraising campaigns.

Sneak Peek at Graphics+ Issue 8 Themes

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