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Fresh Ideas Delivered Monthly

Your image and reputation are only as professional and creative as the ideas you deliver. And your ideas can only be as engaging and fresh as the graphics in your library.  Your customers expect you to make them look great. With Graphics+ you won’t disappoint. 


What Graphics+ will do for you.

Your customers expect you to make them look great. With Graphics+ you won’t disappoint. Each month you’ll receive new ideas that will help you engage your clients and make your production processes worry-free.

  • Competitive Advantage with the Best Graphics

    Successful print shops and apparel decorators know that the key to selling decorated goods is having the best graphics. 

  • Your Most Important Sales Tool

    Use high-end custom graphics in your sales presentations to win new business.

  • Protect Profits

    Don’t let the time and expense involved with custom graphics eat away your profits. 

Graphics+ Issue Example


What you get each month

Fresh Designs & Illustrations

Never pitch a stale graphic to a prospective customer again. Fresh monthly graphics means you’ll always have the latest in retail inspired graphics. These graphics are designed to sell. 

Embroidery & Rhinestone Files

Each Graphics+ issue comes with rhinestone patterns and embroidery files for maximum flexibility and selling opportunity. Present multiple decoration options and product ideas to clients in order to upsell. 

Lookbook Sales Tools

Each Graphics+ issue comes with a professionally designed lookbook. This allows you to share design concepts with your customers to help speed up the graphics selection and approval process. 

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Graphics+ FAQ’s

Common answers to common questions.

Do I have to have Smart Designer and CorelDRAW®?

Yes! Graphics+ is currently only available to Smart Designer users who have the latest version of both Smart Designer and CorelDRAW®. In the future, we will be making Graphics+ available for Adobe Illustrator users. 

Does Graphics+ have a contract?

No! Graphics+ is a month-to-month membership with no contract or long-term commitment.

How is Graphics+ different from other Digital Art Solutions graphics products?

Graphics+ is a monthly graphics solution delivered to Smart Designer automatically.

What file formats are available in each Graphics+ issue?

Vector designs and illustrations are available in CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file formats.

Embroidery files are available in .DST, .DRAW, and .NGS file formats

Rhinestone patterns are available in CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Adobe Illustrator (.AI) file formats.

Fonts are generally available as TrueType (.TTF) format but in some cases, they come in OpenType (.OTF) format.

When are new issues released?

New Graphics+ issues are automatically delivered to Smart Designer on or around the 15th of each new month. 

Where do I login to my Graphics+ account?

Already a Graphics+ Member? Login to access your account here