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To an apparel decorator, strong business begins and ends with graphics.

You might have the best equipment, the most motivated staff, and decades of experience in screen printing — but if your graphics aren’t hitting the needs of current trends and customer tastes, then you don’t have much at all.

We all know how quickly trends fade. We all know how quickly tastes change.

But that doesn’t mean you should be struggling to keep up, paying exorbitant prices for freelance artists and designers, and left feeling frustrated at the little returns on effort you’re seeing.

The simple — and effective — solution to this persistent problem? A comprehensive kit that combines ready-made designs with vector graphical elements, textures, and fonts, giving you the complete, customizable, package.

Whether you’re just starting your apparel decorating business, working evenings and weekends to pursue your passion, or whether you’re a print shop that’s been alive and well for 30 years, this is the sales tool you need.

And it’s one that you can’t afford to sleep on.

Not only will it give you an edge for designing killer, up-to-date, in-demand graphics, but it’ll also give you an edge for engaging new customers. You’ll have designs, textures, and fonts ready to show them — before they even sign on to the project.

Don’t believe that our Graphics Builder has anything to add to your business? Keep reading.

A One-Stop Shop for Killer Graphics

Your customers come to you for your insight, your expertise, and your ability to deliver quality goods. They expect you to have an expert handle on all things apparel — from functionality to trends, materials to add-on features.

And, as an apparel decorator, you should.

If you don’t have that rock-solid understanding of trends in retail apparel graphic styles — from today, not twenty years ago — then you’re missing out on a massive customer base. Customers aren’t just looking for you to produce their exact vision. They’re looking for you to help turn their vision into the best product possible. 

We know that turning to outside artists and designers to fulfill design needs is a common practice, but we also know how costly that can get. And we won’t even get started on the cost of having a multitude of artists/designers — all with different skill-sets — in-house. 

That’s why we created this tool. 

It’ll give you everything you need to meet — and surpass — the graphics needs of your customers, without having to spend countless hours scouring the web or the mall for inspiration, and without having to spend countless fees on outside resources. 

You shouldn’t have to choose between offering the best graphics and keeping operating costs low. With our Graphics Builder, you don’t have to. 

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The Graphics Builder breakdown

What is our Graphics Builder? What does it come with, what does it do, and how will it change your life (or, at the very least, your business operations)?

We’re glad you asked.

The Graphics Builder offers two distinct kits — or collections, as we call them.

Each collection comes with its own set of unique styles, themes, and categories, which work to target different sales demographics. The styles on offer are so diverse — covering everything from classic collegiate to 70’s and 80’s retro — that your customers will be blown away by their options.

But it’s not just about offering them quantity. It’s about offering them the quality they’re looking for, and that they deserve, too. 

Whether you’re looking to attract (or retain) customers in the school, sports, band, dance, cheer, patriotic, or outdoor markets, we’re certain that these collections will have something for you. And by something, we mean many, many, many things. All equally on-trend, and all equally at the ready.

Included in each collection are six components: Interactive Design Templates & Illustrations, Design Elements, Custom Apparel Fonts, Textures, Full-Color Printable PDF Design Catalog, and two different (.AI and .CDR) File Formats. 

Let’s dive in.

The Interactive Design Templates & Illustrations give you 72 (seventy-two!) editable, retail-inspired interactive designs and 72 (seventy two!!) illustrations. Per collection. These professionally crafted vector designs and illustrations are your building blocks — so take them and run. You’ll be able to prototype and develop graphics for every type of customer, winning them over time and time again. 

Next, the Design Elements: these give you the backgrounds you need to develop the shape, organization, and composition of a winning graphic. They’re the glue that ties the whole graphic together, and you can use them to quickly experiment — simply interchange your styles and looks, and you’ll be able to see big-picture results. 

Now we’re onto the Custom Fonts: these one-of-a-kind professional fonts were specifically curated for apparel decoration — you won’t see any website or desktop publishing fonts here. Each collection comes with 40, so you’ll never get tired of the same old lettering. 

Let’s talk Textures: each of our collections comes with the bitmap textures that’ll help you create retail and fashion-themed weathered effects. And, if you go crazy and layer multiple textures, you’ll see some incredible one-of-a-kind results. 

Now for the logistics — the Full-Color Printable PDF Design Catalog that comes with each collection ensures you have high-resolution renderings of every design, illustration, and font. It’s delivered in a retail format, so it’ll look like the mail-order and online catalogs your customers are used to seeing. But we also include a digital version too, so buyers can still get that interactive experience if desired.

And finally, we’ve arrived at our File Format offerings: every element in our Graphics Builder collections comes in both Adobe Illustrator (.AI) and CorelDRAW (.CDR) format for maximum flexibility. 

So there you have it: the technical breakdown for a holistic graphics kit that will change the way you do business — and the way your customers see you. 

Why Graphics Builder?

The Graphics Builder isn’t just about reducing cost or up-leveling your in-house capabilities. It’s not just about increasing productivity or unlocking new sales opportunities, either.

In today’s world, the apparel decorating industry is getting more and more crowded. The barrier to entry is lower than it’s ever been, and every interested kid and his mom are jumping on board and opening up shop.

So how are you going to stand out from the crowd?

How are you going to make sure your customers don’t just see you as a “Logo on a Shirt” kind of screen printer?

The Graphics Builder is your edge — it’s the complete toolbox that’ll enhance both your marketing and your sales trajectories, in one fell swoop.

It’ll give you the tools you need to start out-performing your competition now, and it’ll empower your team — and your customers — at the same time. So what are you waiting for?

Add the Graphics Builder to your business now. Show your team and your customers that you’re willing to invest in them — and we promise you’ll be pretty astounded at the results.

Questions? Want to learn more? Reach out to our team — we’d be happy to help. Otherwise, we can’t wait to see how our Graphics Builder is helping your business reach new heights.

Good luck,

The Digital Art Solutions Team

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