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Consumer needs have changed. Are you equipped with the right capabilities needed to keep up?

With Mask Builder, you are.

The thing is, the majority of consumers no longer see face masks as a passing fad. Something they can choose to partake in or not; something that’ll be here today, but not tomorrow. The majority of consumers — 80% of them, according to a study conducted by the Advertising Specialty Institute — wear face masks all or most of the time when they’re in public.

What does that mean? It means that face masks aren’t just trendy — they’re crucial. They’re depended on. They’re necessary from a functional standpoint. 

Knowing that, your wheels should be turning. Your eyes should be scanning over those facts like they’re guaranteed sales opportunities — because they, for all intents and purposes, are. You just need to know how to capture them. How to get your customers’ attention, and how to hold onto it before your competition can steal it away.

Here’s how you do that.

Customization is Power

The majority of people are going to flock to face masks because of their functionality. We’re not drawn to the masks because they’re seen as high-fashion; we’re drawn to them because of their utility. Because they’re simple to use, and because they come with substantial public and personal health benefits — at a time when public and personal health is the first item on our globe’s agenda.

So, the question isn’t whether consumers will buy face masks. The question is which face masks they’ll buy. And that’s where customization capabilities come in.

Assuming all other (utility-oriented) factors are equal, consumers are going to respond the most to the masks that most embody their values. The masks that best reflect the identity they want to put out into the world. Just like with all other apparel and accessories, these face masks are a physical display of self-expression — but unlike a t-shirt or a hat, these masks are all but guaranteed to be the first thing the consumer is judged by.

Walking down the street, our eyes flit to faces. In 2020, instead of tracking expressions, we’re tracking masks.

Given that degree of importance, end-consumers are going to be extra picky about the masks they choose to wear. Which is why being able to offer your customers the freedom to customize the masks they sell — to the highest magnitude — is your biggest selling point.

Enter Mask Builder

Mask Builder is your complete design toolbox. The industry’s first custom design kit for face masks, it empowers you to produce production-ready, entirely custom face mask designs quickly — and with the confidence that they’re hitting the quality mark every time.

Complete with interactive design templates, vector background layouts, clip art illustrations, and a boatload of on-trend fonts, the Mask Builder was designed with cutting-edge efficiency in mind. Each template can be adapted for digital imprinting processes (like sublimation or DTG printing), as well as for screen printing and/or heat transfers. Plus, in addition to the base template, you also get access to the interactive mockup template. 

Here’s the bottom line: with 144 vector face mask designs, 24 vector mascots, and 24 killer fonts, every one of your customers will find something that speaks to them. And that means every one of their end-consumers will have the opportunity to buy a mask that they love — a mask that represents their team, their school, or their community in a real, visually-appealing way.

Mask Builder and You

But Mask Builder isn’t just a design tool. It’s also the sales tool you need to take your business to the next level. If you’re thinking about hiding Mask Builder away in the deep troughs of your operations — think again; this is the digital system you should be showing off to your customers at every step in their buying journey.

And you should be framing it as your own.

With the ability to share the templates across social media and website platforms, these designs have what it takes to excite your customers, generate interest, and win you sales. Even before you open your mouth (or your email) for a pitch. 

Then, once they’re hooked, you can tell them about the real customization power you harbor. About the simple, interactive design process. And about how fast the entire lifecycle, from idea to execution, will take.

Like we said: the Mask Builder isn’t just a design tool. It’s a tool with the power to impact everything. For a limited time, we’re offering customers $100 off the asking price — to secure your Mask Builder or learn more now, click here.

Remember: all those sales opportunities are waiting.

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Mask Builder Video Overview

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