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Smart Designer Pro

Meet the world’s top-selling CorelDRAW add-on software

Smart Designer Features

Smart Designer adds more than 150 features to CorelDRAW that will automate and simplify art production.

Instead of needing to learn complex techniques, Smart Designer will do most of the work. Even if you are new to CorelDRAW you can immediately be successful with Smart Designer. In short, CorelDRAW combined with Smart Designer is a powerful graphics system for designers of any skill level to produce high-quality custom graphics quickly and easily.

  1. Select Designs and Graphics

    Browse designs and graphics to find the perfect concept.

  2. Customize and Personalize 

    Quickly modify text, fonts, colors, and clipart illustrations.

  3. Add Effects

    Add effects to add more value to your custom concept.

  4. Generate Proposal

    Showcase concepts and get commitment with virtual samples. 

How Smart Designer will save you time, and money

Time Savings

A reduced art production time by up to 90% will save you time and, therefore, money.

Virtual Samples

Increases sales with dynamically-generated sales sheets and proposals

Visual Value

Wow your customers by enhancing any graphic with special effects. 

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Smart Designer is available exclusively through a subscription. Subscribers receive the latest version of the Smart Designer software plus the Rhinestone Designer multi-decoration add-on software for CorelDRAW. The subscription includes continuous access to updates, technical support, and training.

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